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Dependable and Creative Secondary Channels


The inability to accurately forecast component demand is often the greatest challenge faced by manufacturing procurement teams. Whether dealing with the peaks and valleys of the MRP or chasing component supply in a build-to-order environment, companies are always facing a variance between supply and demand. Compounding this challenge are end of life announcements & engineering approvals.


Spectrum’s supply chain service suite is built on a vast, long-established network of proven sellers and buyers in the electronics marketplace which generates high transactional velocity for your component needs. Our dependable and creative secondary channels help to ‘fill the gap’ within any supply chain allowing businesses to move forward. You will find that our core focus around quality, reliability, and customer service will shine among your approved vendor list.


Decades of Secondary Market Experience


Over the last 5 years the cloud has grown exponentially. During this rapid expansion, datacenter companies have maintained focus on front-end growth in order to meet their just-in-time demands. In addition, technology continuously evolves, forcing companies to upgrade their infrastructure. This presents a challenge in that hardware assets which carry significant value are retired without any resale market strategy nor expertise. It is simply not a core competency.


Spectrum has built a value recovery model for retired data-center hardware which leverages extensive secondary market expertise and experience. Our global network of end-users in both developed and emerging markets allows for effective maximization of value return on IT assets. Stated simply: Maximizing Asset return is a core competency.